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Some thoughts on Call a Pizza, Munich 1987-1988

At the time home delivery of meals, in this case pizza, pasta, salads etc., was a new phenomenon. I decided to ‘follow the pizza’ and investigate the people who prefer to have take-away delivered to eat at home and the spaces in which they would do so. Shown here is a small selection of the photographs that I took over several months. They show a good range of responses to the request of being photographed by their ‘pizza delivery girl’, from relaxed collaboration to posing and ‘not bothered’.

The food/home delivery aspect interested me as it represented a slight shift in the culture of consumption. Whilst the photographs often but not always allow us to see some reasons for that shift, they more so let us discover private spaces, and how people ‘performed’ and lived in them.

I discussed with students the other day if it would still be possible to do the same today or if the ubiquity of photography and increased awareness of the nature and extent of surveillance and exposure compared to the 80’s would inhibit most people from agreeing to be photographed. – Feel free to try, I might do so, too. One thing would be for sure, people and places would look and feel different, though somebody discovered an image on a wall in one of the photographs that is now very much en vogue again.

What drove me 22 years ago is essentially still the same interest that is informing my practice and my research now – human interaction with place and space and those interactions’ relationship to identity.

Heike Löwenstein 2010

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